Right Against Might ®

Truth is simple and black and white. 

We may not be lawyers, but you don't need to be one to know the difference between right and wrong and when someone is telling the truth.

We offer a unique creative dispute resolution service. We are experts in iconoclasm, using an infinite pool of creativity both in lawful message and method. We have a proven demonstrable reputation, and a track record for intervention in disputes of all kinds. We usually resolve and settle them quickly. Ours is a dogged determination to seek justice and see right done as quickly as possible so you and your opponent can move on with your lives. We use the court of public opinion, it's usually much quicker than a court of law but we know how to use both.

R.A.M. (Right Against Might ®) offers you a service of unashamed irreverence towards ‘Goliaths’ who can be individuals, organisations, and companies who seek to crush powerless ‘Davids’. We empower you, helping you fight back and think ‘outside the box’. Although acutely aware of the legal tramlines we must not cross, (we always work within the law) and with excellent legal minds and experts at our fingertips, we know where to go, who to talk to, and most importantly, what to do to disrupt inertia, redress the balance and seize the initiative. Every just cause or dispute we champion with you is different and interesting and we work creatively(at cost or for free) until we get the job done... then you can pay us a fair reward which is agreed with a handshake upfront. With years of experience in the advertising industry, we produce communications or campaigns that are legal, honest, decent and truthful. Our imagery, messages and media clout are powerful and we work creatively and strategically with you in myriad ways.

If you are a 'Goliath' and you ever hear from us, please...
Just? Do the right thing®.

Something wrong driving you crazy?
Don’t sit back, hit back! 

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Legal, decent, honest, truthful and fearless. We persuade people to do the right thing.

Please include a brief (no more than 250 words) description of your problem, as well as a short video (2m 30s maximum) from you personally for us to review, and please be honest.
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